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Are you looking for Primary School Chinese tuition for yourself or your child? You have come to right place! Teacher Sharon has taught Primary School Chinese tuition and has help many Primary school students improve their Chinese grades. Teacher Sharon is highly experienced and very patient in teaching Primary School Chinese. She is very familiar with the PSLE Primary School Chinese syllabus and able to prepare you/your child for the PSLE Chinese examination.

Chinese language is increasing important in today’s context and students in Singapore have to improve their Chinese language and keep up with world’s trend. It’s not too late to improve Chinese with us!

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Our Location

  • Address: 2 Tampines Street 73
    Singapore 528823
  • Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT Station
  • Bus: 293

Primary School Chinese Tuition

Why Choose Us?
  • We conduct our Primary School Chinese classes in small groups of five.
  • Our Chinese tutors are dedicated – they come up with strategic methods that are compatible to the students’ understanding of Chinese concepts.
  • Our Primary School Chinese tutors have a deep passion for both children and educating Primary School Chinese.
  • Parents are constantly updated on their childrens’ progress.
    In Kaite, we see education as a two way street. Both students and teachers learn new things everyday.
  • Most importantly, we respect individuality. We don’t believe in failures. We see them as stepping stones.
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Learn Chinese With Fun!


Our Chinese teachers motivate and nurture every student to their maximum potential and improve their Chinese results. They are specially selected to teach Chinese for Primary school students.


We specially design our teaching curriculum that aligns with the PSLE Chinese syllabus. Also, our mission is to give your child an opportunity to enjoy Chinese rather than rote memorising.


Our Chinese language tuition centre is conveniently located in the heart of Tampines, with a five minutes bus ride from interchange - highly accessible from eastern parts of Singapore

What Do We Teach in Our Chinese Tuition?

Chinese Composition

Creative Chinese writing is a big part of the PSLE Chinese examination. We empower students to write using their creative mind, through the use of compelling and exemplary Chinese phrases and sentences.

We focus on practice in Chinese composition. Almost every week, we tend to give our students assignments in Chinese composition and we will mark them and correct the mistakes that our students have make.

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Chinese Comprehension

Understanding of Chinese comprehension passages is important before students can attempt the Chinese comprehension questions correctly. That’s why we give our students more than enough Chinese comprehension practices, so that they are more exposed to different kind of Chinese passages. During examination, students will be more confident in doing Chinese comprehension questions and score a higher mark.

We will also teach our students the correct technique when attempting the Chinese comprehension questions. With that, students can write the right amount of information to score the maximum possible mark for their examination.

Chinese Oral

Oral is often extremely nerve wrecking to students. Many Singaporean children these days are unable to converse fluently in mandarin, as a result, having to speak to someone with the added stress of it being graded often leads to a disastrous outcome – Stuttering, speaking ‘broken Chinese’ and silence is often what we first observe when we handle new students.

At Kaite, we can eliminate that fear for you. Our teacher, Teacher Sharon is a mother of two children who speak predominantly English, she knows exactly the trick to make stubborn English speakers to fluent mandarin speakers. Teacher Sharon is able to help students feel comfortable and confident in speaking the language and allow them to be able to converse easily in the long run.

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Chinese Vocabulary

Vocabulary is tested within the majority of the first section of the paper. At Kaite, we teach both Normal and Higher Chinese syllabus regardless of which level you are in (With no surcharge). We believe that it is rudimental for students to not only be fully prepared for the paper, but expand their mental vocabulary needed for application to other areas such as Creative Writing.

We follow the MOE syllabus very closely and have done so for 11 years. Our materials and guidance will surely ensure a good grade for your child and unlock his full potential.

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"Thank you teacher Sharon for helping my son to bring his Mandarin knowledge and grades up. Yet being a non-native student who spent merely a short time under your care, I saw his results and confidence grow rapidly. Thanks to you he did well in his PSLE Mandarin."
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"Hi, my boy loves all her lessons! she is a caring and fun loving teacher. she shares responsive constructive feedback that she observed during classes, from where he need to work on to his behavior since he is gg thru puberty. it's an enjoyment for him to attend despite 3 lessons per week when it's nearing PSLE"
chinese tuition singapore
"My son has been with Kaite Tuition Centre for 3 years and can see his improvement gradually. The teachers in Kaite Tuition Centre are friendliness and approachability. They have the ability to build caring relationships with students. Kudos to Kaite Tuition Centre!"
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"My son went to their centre for tuition. In a short span of 6mths, he improve his Chinese language from F to C for his PSLE. I’m grateful to all the Teachers there who put in the effort to teach the students properly. Definitely recommend."
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"我的女儿今年是培青小学的P4学生,她上P3的时候成绩很不理想,开始去Kaite Tuition Centre上補习班,在补习老师细心的教导下我女儿的成绩进步很多,明年5年级也能升上更好的班。 非常感谢Kaite Tuition Centre的老师们."
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"Thank you to all the teachers in the Kaite Tuition Center for following my child and guiding step by step instructions to help my daughter to make good progress in learning. Wishing all teachers have good health to continue guiding all students."

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